Day 8, London


We started off the day with Jarrod Williams trying to take Patrick and Colin to tour the Fulham stadium. It was closed, however, but that didn’t stop them from visiting the Fulham store! Cari and I visited downtown Kingston. It was a lovely place, and yes, it had a Starbucks. Soon we met back up for lunch and headed to our next game against Milton Keynes Dons, or MK Dons. This game was played on a small field, indoors and with no refs. Not a good set-up. We ended up losing 1 to 9, our goal being a penalty kick. Patrick played Right Back, Right Wing and Center Mid throughout the game. He had several shots and chips on goal. Although they lost and had no calls called their way, Patrick still felt like he played a good game, which he did.

After a long bus ride home, we had a meeting in the University Student Pub and all the teams did skits. The U12s (Patrick and Connor’s team) won second place and the U13s won first. The two last place teams, U15 and U16 had to eat pigs blood pudding, or something like that. It was a lot of fun and great to see how all the boys have bonded.


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