Day 9, London


Today was a soccer-free day for the U12s (Patrick and Connor’s team) and the U14s (Zack’s team)! We headed to downtown London. We boarded a double decker tour bus and traveled around the city taking in all the sites. We got off at the Tower of London and saw where Queen Anne Bolyen lost her head and saw the current Queen’s Crown Jewels. After that we traveled to Buckingham Palace  and walked through St. James Park. We did more shopping at LillyWhites and ended up back in Kingston at a great Italian restaurant for dinner. Once we got back it was time to start packing for our flight tomorrow. We had a wonderful trip. Full of soccer, history and most of all, friendship. I will always cherish this time with Patrick. I’m so proud of him and so honored to be his mom.

We fly out tomorrow. We can’t wait to see our family!!!!!!!


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  1. I loved reading your blog, Becca! Once I successfully repressed my raging jealousy over all your awesome experiences, I looked forward to hearing about your adventures every day. Please tell Patrick how proud we are of him (since none of my offspring are footy-inclined, can he be my adopted soccer-son?). Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

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