Bit About Soccer


So far, the main subject of my blog is soccer. I’ve been asked by many (well, okay, no one has actually asked, but I imagine several of you have thought about it), “What is your soccer background, because you seem to know a bit about soccer.” That’s it exactly. I’m not an expert soccer commentator, I’m a “bit about soccer” commentator. As the premiere league soccer game noise is drifting from the living room to my computer, let me give you my soccer credentials.

I actually played a bit of soccer in high school, not much, but some. I’m not sure why I did, but probably because my friends were. In college, there was not a women’s team at Graceland University yet, but I was fortunate enough to play for the first women’s intramural soccer team. Why would I do this? Well, I’ll tell you. Graceland is a small private college in Iowa. Pickens are slim. When I first got there I noticed how good lookin’ the men’s soccer team was and what great hair they had (mullets, bowl-cuts, highlights). I was lucky enough to be noticed by one of these soccer studs, Peter (bowl-cut with highlights), my now husband. Yes, I played hard-to-get, but eventually our hair-dos were too attracted to each other, so I gave in. People often thought we were cousins because we had the same hair-do. Anyway, I digress, the Graceland men’s soccer team helped coach the women’s intramural soccer team. I don’t know how much actual soccer knowledge I picked up, but the soccer way-of-life sure sunk in (and helped my dating life). I really do love watching soccer, not only for the great hair and cute guys, but because it’s fast paced and truly a beautiful game.

My “bit about soccer” knowledge has grown since I’ve had kids. Each of my three kidos started playing when they were 4-years-old. That totals to seven years of kids soccer under my belt. As I get older, my “bit about soccer” knowledge gets bigger. My trip to England sure helped my “football” language and gave me lots of names and tid bits to plunk down when I need to sound soccer smart. I guess the moral to this blat (blog article), is every “bit about soccer” counts!


About Cul-de-sac Cool

I’m the captain of this mothership and a mom of three boys. My life revolves around my stinky-sweet sons and soccer-lovin’ husband. Born and raised in the burbs, I’m all about driving my swagger wagon from one soccer practice to another. You might say, “What kind of life is this lady livin’?” Well, I’ll tell you…I’m livin’ the good life.

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