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Day 6, London


We had to wake up early today to eat a quick breakfast and load the coaches to travel to the University of Essex to play Colchester United. Our team really started to look like they were meshing. They played great. The game was divided into four 20 minutes quarters. In the first quarter, Patrick scored his first European goal on a penalty kick. He shot it low and to the left, while the keeper went to the right. It was a job well done! Patrick switched off throughout the game as Right Back and Right Wing. Also, throughout the game he used skill! He did a Maradona right by me and smoked a guy! The final score was 2 to 4 Colchester United. It should have been 3 to 3 because they didn’t count one of our goals and one of their goals was made off-sides. Even though the boys lost, they played great and are working together as a team. Can’t wait to see how they do at tomorrow’s game against Wimbledon.

After the game, we headed out to attend the West Ham United vs Deportivo La Coruna game. This was the final game of the SBobet Tournament. The score was 0-0 and ended in penalty kicks. West Ham ended up winning. It was a great experience that I think Patrick will remember for a long time.

After the game and our long bus ride home, because the bus driver got lost in London, we had a great dinner, did laundry, Skyped Peter and hung-out. Because everyone at the camp is doing so well, thier curfew was extended to 11:15pm.