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Things I Learned in England

  1. It is FOOTBALL not SOCCER.
  2. The speed of play is so much faster than in America. This is true for the English adult teams and youth teams.
  3. The English youth teams were so much more physical. They really know how to use their bodies.
  4. The English youth teams had a loud, constant chatter going throughout the whole game. They talked to each other nonstop – calling for balls, telling someone else to get the ball, telling each other well done. On the other hand, the English parents were very quiet.
  5. Trashcans and bathrooms are hard to find.
  6. If you say “neat” or “cute” too much you get made fun of.
  7. Snipe hunting is a rite of passage in the southern United States, even though there is no such thing as a snipe bird.
  8. English bacon is very different from American bacon.
  9. Monotone color and taste in food is the norm in England.
  10. London’s Heathrow airport does not know how to make supreme nachos. Just because you use Doritos doesn’t make it supreme.
  11. Kabobs and pizza do go together nicely.
  12. Starbucks is the universal language. You can order a skinny vanilla latte in England even though it is not on the menu.
  13. America is very young.
  14. King Henry VIII was crazy, but kind of cool.
  15. There are ghosts at Hampton Court Palace.
  16. If you hang with people who have an accent, eventually you start to use one too.
  17. Pat Ozburn is the hardest working, nicest tour director in the world.
  18. Patrick is old enough to semi take care of himself, but still young enough to want to hold my hand while walking the streets of London.
  19. I loved traveling with my sister, nephew and son.
  20. And finally, I learned that our SuperClubs trip to England was a wonderful experience for not only me, but for Patrick. We both made friends from around the world, Patrick experienced soccer in a new way that can only make him better and l learned how lucky I am to have him as my son.