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Day Two, Chester England


Cari and I woke up early and went on a jog around the Roman City Walls. It was beautiful. We saw all the towers, the oldest horse race course in the country, a Roman amphitheartre, the 1,000 year old cathedral and a portion of the medieval castle. We of course stopped off at the medieval Starbucks on the way back to campus.

After a fortifying breakfast of blandness, we all hopped on the awaiting coaches and went to Manchester, England to tour Old Trafford Stadium, home of the legendary Manchester United football team. The pitch (field) was amazing–so green and perfect. We visited the players lounge and even went into the players changing room (locker room with no lockers). The tour guide let me peek into the roped off shower room. Unfortunately, no players were there. The tour ended in the mega ManU store where it felt like we spent hours and lots of Peter’s money.

Once we got back to the university, the boys had another training session then dinner. Some parents took the opportunity to go into town during this training session and hunt down some food with flavor. We were semi successful…better then dorm food, but still English.

The boys finished off the evening messing around on the fields with teammates. They are starting to bond, loosening up and having a ton of fun. It’s fun to watch Patrick with his new freedom of having his own room with key, getting himself ready for training and going to meals on his own. Tomorrow is their first game. Let the game begin!


Day One Chester, England


We landed in Manchester, England after an all-night flight. No one slept very much on the plane. Customs asked the purpose of our trip…I said, ”We are here to play soccer.” The customs agent looked at me and said very primly,”No, Love, you are here to play FOOTBALL.” We boarded coaches (tour buses) and traveled a short distance to Chester University in Chester, England. The university is adorable and quaint. The weather is wonderful…50s and 60s, overcast. Perfect football weather!

The boys had a brief training mid morning. Everyone was tired and hungry so they didn’t work them very hard. We had a lovely lunch (totally being sarcastic…think dorm/cafeteria food for kids and take out any flavor whatsoever). As a huge group, we then walked to the City Center of Chester. The city of Chester has the most complete City Walls in Britain¬†dating from the Roman occupation 2,000 years ago. It also has 700 year old rows of shopping galleries. These adorable shops are straight out of a Shakespeare play! After our adventure in the City Center, the boys trained again in the evening for 1.5 hours then had a remarkable unseasoned dinner. Curfew was early because everyone was exhausted!