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No-Touch Hand Soap…Ticket to my Dream Home


One of my jobs as a PMT (professional mothering technician) is to find new and useful items for my HBH (home base headquarters) to help everyone be more PENM (productive, efficient and nice to mom). Picture this scenario. You are busy cooking in the kitchen. You’ve had a bad day filled with hair dresser conflicts, teacher emails and a bad report card from the Bug Guy (termites). As the kids are fighting over the Wii in the basement, you’re placing raw chicken breasts in a saute pan. The phone rings. You can’t answer the phone because you have raw chicken fingers, literary, so you let the machine get it. You listen to the message and it’s HGTV telling you that you were chosen to win their Dream Home only if you answer the phone in the next 10 seconds. What do you do?

Well, I’ll tell you what to do. Wash your hands with your new Lysol┬áHealthy Touch Antibacterial No-Touch Hand Soap (http://www.lysol.com/products/no-touch-hand-soap-system/)! I love this thing. It’s a handy, little, inexpensive automatic soap dispenser for your home. Just wave your hand underneath the nozzle and it squirts soap onto your palm. I have it in my kitchen and adore it. One draw back though, is that it is not very attractive. I don’t mind using it in my kitchen, but I would not use it in my guest bathroom. Hint to Lysol – beef up the chic-ness and I’ll buy more.

So, now if HGTV were ever to call, I’ll be able to answer my phone with hands that sparkle and smell of green tea and ginger… and win that darn Dream Home finally!