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Day 4, Chester England


All the boys got to sleep in today until 8:30 am. They looked very tired at breakfast this morning. Both Patrick and Zack had 2 training sessions, no games. During Patrick’s second training session they scrimmaged the U13 boys. The U12’s won…the U13’s were very upset. The parents enjoyed some shopping time in Chester, but the real reason was to eat lunch OUT!  One of the girl’s game was at Chester University so the boy’s were told they had to go watch and support the girls…I don’t think any arms were pulled because there are some cute girls here! Both Patrick and Connor were asked to be linesmen for the second half of the first girl’s game. They did a great job. Did I mention we are sharing the university with a group from Spain, who is very loud, and a Karate Camp? Yes, it’s a bit odd to see all these middle-aged men and women walking around in full Karate outfits (including gauchos) with swords. We are calling it Mid Life Crisis Karate Camp.

We ended the day quietly after eating dinner out (kabobs and pizza) because we heard how bad dinner was. We leave tomorrow for London and game number 2 against Birmingham City. I’ll miss Chester. It is an adorable city with gracious people. I highly recommend visiting!