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Day 3, Chester England


Patrick woke up and walked the Roman City Walls with us. Zack was unconscious and couldn’t get up. I think Patrick wanted to go, not only for the history, but a treat from Starbucks. We breakfasted then began to get ready for the trip to Manchester to play the Tranmere Rovers. It was a windy, cold, rainy, sunny, warm, then you start all over day. Patrick’s team played hard, Patrick playing Right Back, but trailed 0 to 5 at half time. For most of the team, this was their first experience playing 11 v 11. Their spirits were low. We then noticed during the second half that a totally different Tranmere team was on the field. Apparently, Tranmere played their U13 team the 1st half and then switched to their U12 team the second half. On a side note, at half time Patrick started to talk to one of the Tranmere U13 players and then two more Tranmere players came over to talk to him. I got a great picture of all of them walking off the field. I was glad to see Patrick reaching out to the other team even though they were smoking us! Anyway, our U12 team plugged along and ended the second half 1 to 9 them.

Zack’s U 14 team, which I didn’t get to watch because it was going on at the same time went really well. They ended up winning . Cari told me that Zack’s coach was very complimentary of him during the game…something a mother always love to hear!

After the game, some of us decided to stay and see the Tranmere Rovers play Liverpool’s reserves. We killed some time by going to get some recommended fish and chips from Georgio’s. It is just a take-away counter (to go) so we parked ourselves outside in the sidewalk and ate our fish and chips right on the curb. I don’t think many people do this because we had lots of stares. Before the game we were standing outside by the VIP entrance. A man who looked official was greeting people. He stopped and came over to us, shook our hands and asked if we were American. I said yes. He said he was the director of Tranmere and had a friend there from LA that might want to talk to us. I said, “Great.” Needless to say, he never came back. The game was great. We had a long walk to the train station, but found our way back to Chester. It was a great day.